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International Keynote Speaker • #1 Bestselling Author • Unbelievable Inspiring True Story • Actionable Strategies • Almost As Funny As a Stand-Up Comedian


"Our members (made up of CEOs) rated Hal's keynote a 9.8 out of 10. That never happens."

Entrepreneur Organization

What makes Hal's keynote different from all others and why he is the highest rated speaker at almost every event...

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    Unbelievable Life Story:

    Hal's inspiring life story is nearly unbelievable and opens the audience's mind to what's possible for them.

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    Master Storytelling Ability:

    Hal captivates each audience with a "performance" rather than a speech, engaging the audience's emotions at every turn.

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    Stand-up Comedy Style Humor:

    Hal's message is as hilarious (we're talking laugh-out-loud funny) and entertaining as it is inspiring.

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    Proven Strategies Practiced By Millions

    Hal's actionable strategies are already practiced daily and proven by millions of people.

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    Customized Presentation:

    Every message Hal gives is customized for each unique audience to maximize Hal's connection and impact.

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    Delightful To Work With:

    All right, this one is more for the meeting organizer than the audience. But either way, everybody wins! :^)


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America's Most in-demand Keynote Speaker

Hal Elrod is one of America’s most in-demand keynote speakers. His unique blend of inspiration, stand-up-comedy-style humor, story-telling and proven results-oriented strategies add up to an experience your group will thank you for and never forget!

Hal's Most Popular Keynotes

The Miracle Morning:
The 6 Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before 8AM

Based on Hal's #1 international bestselling book that has been translated into 37 languages, your audience will develop a daily morning ritual that will enable them to optimize themselves so they can optimize every area of their life. They'll learn 6 simple habits that will enable them to start every day in a peak mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state, so that they can perform at their best.
In this message you'll experience: 
  • Hal's unbelievable true story of breaking 11 bones and dying for 6 minutes
  • The fastest method for becoming the person you need to be to create everything you want in your life
  • Emotional Optimization Meditation - The 5-minute daily practice to put yourself into an optimal emotional state each day
  • Miracle Morning Affirmations - The 3-step formula to create practical affirmations that produce measurable results
  • The 2-step Visualization process guaranteed to compel you to take action (even when you don't feel like it)
  • And much more...

The Miracle Equation:
The Two Decisions That Move Your Biggest Goals from Possible to Probable to Inevitable

While The Miracle Morning gives people a daily practice to optimize their personal development, The Miracle Equation is the perfect compliment, providing your audience with a proven process for goal achievement. Redefining a "miracle" as any meaningful result beyond the realm of what you currently believe to be probably for you, Hal will show your audience how to achieve more than they ever thought possible.
In this message, you'll discover how to: 
  • Consistently set and achieve goals beyond what you've ever accomplished before
  • Replace fear with faith and completely eliminate your fear of failure
  • Let go of negative emotions and develop emotional invincibility
  • Overcome your limitations to unlock your limitless potential
  • Sustain extraordinary effort and results (even when you don't feel like it)
  • And much more... 

Beyond the Bestseller:
How to Write a Book That Creates a Movement, Earns You a Fortune, and Changes the World

Does your audience want to know how to write a book that actually makes a significant impact and earns them an equally significant income? Hal will show them exactly what he did to become one of the only authors in the world to sell over 2,500,000 copies of his self-published books, have them translated into 37 languages, and reach #1 on the bestseller lists in multiple countries.
In this message you'll experience: 
  • Why most books don't make lasting changes for readers
  • What separates 99% of books from the top 1% in terms of impact and income
  • How to strategically craft your content to create word-of-mouth phenomenon
  • The easiest and most effective ways to market your book
  • How to use your book to create a worldwide movement and global community
  • And much more...


Hal's expertise stretches far beyond his three signature keynotes messages.

So if there's any topic you'd like Hal to speak on related to motivation, personal/professional development, entrepreneurship, sales, or anything else, please complete this short form and Hal can customize a presentation or interview specifically for your audience.
If you'd like a custom message, here are some of Hal's other areas of expertise: 
  • Sales - Hal's background is as a record-breaking, hall of fame sales rep
  • Entrepreneurship - Hal has developed several multi-million dollar businesses
  • Motivation & Inspiration - As someone who has inspired millions of people around the world, this may be what Hal is best known for
  • Success & Productivity - Combining Hal's various areas of expertise, he can provide extensive content on what it takes to be successful

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